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Completed Cocktail

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Proudly designed and built by Arcadeworx, this 3-sided Cocktail Arcade Cabinet is a great addition to any games room. Available in gloss white it really fits well into any decor.

The units can be customized to suit your taste with button glow and ball tops available in a variety of colors and styles. Also door cut outs can suit individuals needs. Can use one of our existing cutouts or choose your own to be cut into the door.

Relive the arcade era with your own Arcade Worx 3-sided Cocktail machine.

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  • Quality construction, made from quality components.
  • Original Sanwa joysticks used
  • All electronics CE approved
  • P1/P2 and credit buttons 
  • glow buttons available in (red, blue and white) 
  • Can be played in horizontal mode(upright) or vertical mode(cocktail) 
  • ball tops available in crystal colors or black/white/red solid color 
  • Volume control inside the cabinet 
  • 2.1 stereo sound system (includes subwoofer) 
  • Contains 1600+ classic arcade games 
  • 23″ High Resolutioin 1080p crystal clear LCD
  • Unit can be modified to have 4player option for Gauntlet etc 
  • Proudly Australian Designed and Built – part design Trade Marked 
  • Contact us for delivery prices on this unit

Please email for complete list of the games 

Additional Information

Weight 100 kg
Dimensions 90 x 80 x 80 cm

18mm Gloss White Laminate, 18mm Gloss Black Laminate, Custom 18mm Gloss Laminate

Joystick Ball Top

Combination, Red, Black, White, Crystal Clear, Crystal Smoke, Crystal Blue, Crystal Red, Crystal Purple, Crystal Pink, Crystal Green, Crystal Yellow, Custom, Grey, Pink, Seimitsu Fluro Set (Limited), Blue, Green, Yellow


Chrome LED White, Chrome LED Blue, Chrome LED Red, Chrome LED Purple, Chrome LED Green, Chrome LED Combination, Chrome LED Yellow, Custom, SuzoHapp


No cut outs (blank), Custom +$50, Ace of Spades & Dice, Atari, Autobot, Bio Hazard, Decepticon, Dragon’s Lair, Dreamcast, Dungeons & Dragons, Evil Dead, Flaming Skull, Galaga Ship, Gears of War, HRT, Imperial, Mame, MK Dragon, Mushroom, Pac-Man & Ghost, Rebel, Rocket Ship, SNK, Sonic, Space Invader, Street Fighter, Street Fighter V, Superman, TMNT, TMNT 4-way, Transformers, Tron, X-Men, Yin-Yang, Zelda Tri-Force


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