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Vewlix 24″ Clone

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This 1 Player Vewlix Clone has been designed by Arcadeworx and professionally cut from our industrial CNC machine giving you the freedom to assemble and tailor your own modern style arcade machine.

Machine is flat packed and includes all fasteners for re-assembly. The unit assembles like Ikea furniture with screw in dowels and eccentric cams and each hinged door comes with its own cam lock. All assembly instructions to re-build the machine are provided.

The design is made for a 24″ 16:9 LCD monitor. For LCD mounting there is easy mounting holes cut in the back of the monitor shroud to make easy mounting for the lcd monitor. Also bracing pieces will be supplied. Design also has a shelf for customers wishing to keep the stand on their LCD for ease of installation.

Cut outs in marquee and door can be changed we have done many door designs but if you have a special design in mind just email.

Most design changes can be accommodated.

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  • 16mm mdf construction
  • Monitor cut out to suit 24″ lcd (can be customized to suit)
  • Control Panel Layout can be altered if required
  • Joystick mounting grooves are in the base of the Control panel top in the pictures shown but any mounting to suit individual joystick types can be accommodated.
  • Speaker holes cut into Monitor shroud, can be altered if required
  • Marquee cut out and door cut out can be modified if required
  • no visible bolts/screws in the front and sides.

All quality fasteners and locks are included. Unit assembles easily just like Ikea furniture.

Perspex option for the control panel includes 3mm clear perspex to cover button/sticks , 3mm opal diffuser for moves section , 3mm clear perspex for moves section.

Additional Information

Weight 34 kg
Dimensions 120 x 45 x 50 cm
Perpsex Control Panel

CP clear & moves opal+clear +$30, None

Perspex Marquee

Marquee clear +$20, None

Control Panel

Fight Stick Shelf, Vewlix Control Panel


No cut outs (blank), Custom +$50, Ace of Spades & Dice, Atari, Autobot, Bio Hazard, Decepticon, Dragon’s Lair, Dreamcast, Dungeons & Dragons, Evil Dead, Flaming Skull, Galaga Ship, Gears of War, HRT, Imperial, Mame, MK Dragon, Mushroom, Pac-Man & Ghost, Rebel, Rocket Ship, SNK, Sonic, Space Invader, Street Fighter, Street Fighter V, Superman, TMNT, TMNT 4-way, Transformers, Tron, X-Men, Yin-Yang, Zelda Tri-Force

Monitor cut out size

22″, 23″, 24″, 27″

Aspect Ratio

16:10, 16:9


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