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What is the ordering process?

Most of the time we get orders through our site via the shopping cart, once we get this we start a design process with you. You will be able to see 3d renders of the unit before we cut which is a very accurate representation of the final product. Send us an enquiry here if you are unsure on anything and we will go through it with you.

What is the design process?

We send you renders of the unit based on your choices. Sometimes these may just have a different button layout and screen size. Whatever you order you will be able to see before we start production and most likely there can be a bit of back and forth with changes etc. Sometimes when you see your design choice you may change your mind and this is fine, at the end of the day it’s your arcade machine and we want you to be happy 100%.

All design changes need to be approved by you before production begins.

We confirm all your parts beforehand. Your buttons and joysticks/screen will fit the custom cuts.

What are t-slots?

T-slots allow for the installation of t-molding. T-molding is the easiest and most common way to edge the unit, all you need is a mallet. We do not sell t-molding but can be readily found (let us know if you have any trouble). If you are painting up the unit you might not need t-slots but for any finished board (white/black etc) we recommend getting t-slots.

Will my parts fit?

Contact us with your part details and which product you want and we will check for you.

Do you sell buttons and other arcade parts?

We sell completed machines which are ready to play but the flat pack kits only come with the fastenings/hinges for assembly. If you need any help sourcing any parts let us know we are happy to help.

How much of the design can I change?

Some design changes suit certain cabinets and some don’t. We can build a cabinet from the ground up so anything is possible. Contact us with any design queries.

How sturdy are your units?

Our cabinets are very solid once built, we use a combination of cams, screws and TZ connectors. Some parts lock together and weight bearing parts are supported to make an overall very strong unit.

How easy are they to build?

Instructions are included and we will be on hand if you get stuck. You don’t need to guess where any of the parts go as everything has pilot holes or dowels in position. If you can build something from IKEA you can build one of our cabinets.

What materials do you use?

The base material is a moisture resistant MDF (MRMDF). This board has a zero (E-0) emission rating. All finishes are quality and we can do custom, we do not use particle board or melamine finishes.