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What to consider and steps to take when ordering your new Arcade Cabinet

An Arcade machine can be a unique and fun additional to any house hold or man/girl cave. To avoid any disasters it is important that you plan out your build in advance, what it is you want to play, what type of games you wish to play more of, what hardware are you going to use on the inside, likewise with the software, what is your playing style; standup or sitdown. Writing all of these down in advance can save frustration or heartache later down the track and aid in making your build enjoyable and fun.

Arcadeworx - Player 1
Firstly you need to pick out your design, work out the cutouts you want, and plan your build on the inside of the machine. Remember we custom build anything and can accommodate most customization that you request within reason

Arcadeworx - Player 2
Next you need to plan ahead and customize the cabinet, workout what finish you want, then let us know what sized buttons you are getting and anything else custom that we may need to do

Arcadeworx - Player 3
Next we will give you an estimated date of arrival for the completion of your laser cut cabinet, then it is time to get building, sit back and enjoy the after sales service that we are so well known for